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If your book is still a dream, it’s time to pull it out and release emotions that nourish it.

Since 2012 Dreamland Publishing is the land where your thoughts, your emotions, your life will become free to express themselves to be welcomed by those who have the sensitivity to give them breath.

Here, we dress your feelings of freedom. With all the passion, the love, the care they require the delicacy of your feelings.

Our Vision

Money? Oh no...Our team
Money? Oh no...
We believe that the depth of the human soul is not a bargaining chip; so do not ask for money to our authors to publish their works, but only a great ability to move with their stories, their research, their words. Whether you are a student or a professor, you’re a poet or a writer, it does not matter: what matters is what you have inside and how good you are to transmit to others; how to do it is our job. That will make you extremely happy. Believe it.
Our team
Our team also consists of extraordinary talented journalists to carry newspapers, treat public relations for public and private companies; so much so that recently became the owners of the newspaper “Il Mattino di Foggia” in Italy, where we have collaborations for the publication of books and newspapers; so published books can be translated into Italian and some of the publications are translated from Italian and will be published by our publishing house.


Dreamland Publishing

Dreamland Publishing

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