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Civil internment in Fascist Italy: the Southern camps

Civil internment in Fascist Italy: the Southern camps


Author: Massimiliano Marzillo

One of the darkest pages in the Italian history started when – close to the declaration of war of our Country – the civil internment against the Jews, the Gipsy and undesirable foreigners was offialized.

Owing to its physical and political characteristics and because of the expectations about the military operations, the Centre-South of Italy became the place where the greatest part of internment camps was concentrated. Anyway in the second post war period this phenomenon was repressed, the responsibilities were shelved in order to promote the mith of the “good Italian”.

It’s significant that in 1990 the Italian President Francesco Cossiga – during an official visit in Germany – declared that Italy had not lived the shame of concentration camps. In fact the structures used for that purpose were left to the indifference in order to eliminate their traces and not make of them places of memory as eternal warning to future generations.

Once more this last question shows us the difficulty of our Country to reckon with its history.

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  • July 2014
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